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Welcome Seniors

Senior year only comes once, 
Let's make your story unforgettable through modern, fresh and fun portraits!

I believe "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." Coco Chanel
​​​​​​I believe in the POWER of photography, I believe each high school SENIOR is UNIQUE and different and should be photographed that way. I believe your INDIVIDUALITY and UNIQUENESS should be celebrated. I believe BEAUTY is shown from within. 
My goal is to SHOWCASE each senior in a way that is UNIQUELY their own. I want to capture their STRENGTH, BEAUTY, and CONFIDENCE that lives deep in all of us. I want to create an EXPERIENCE that will highlight things that tells your story of who you are, where you're going and what matters most to you - your SENIOR YEAR. 

Your SENIOR portraits are some of the most important photographs you'll ever have taken besides on your wedding day. 
I want to provide a ONE of A KIND EXPERIENCE by providing an UNIQUE portrait session that is tailored to your UNIQUENESS and INDIVIDUALITY by creating a relaxing, comfortable, fun atmosphere; incorporating your favorite hobbies, passion, and favorite locations, and not just provide those same look rushed yearbook photos that NO ONE truly likes! 
I will take my time with each senior and strive to bring out and showcase your UNIQUENESS and boost your self-esteem and show your beauty and confidence through my lens.  

I want you to be able to look back and not only LOVE your photographs but also remember the experience you had with me. I want you to see yourself and LOVE everything about you. 
I love seeing my clients eyes light up as they see their picture on that back of camera that I've just taken. I love hearing "NO WAY, that's not me!" It's not that it wasn't always there, its just that sometimes we forget. 
You can contact me here to ask any questions and get more info! No strings attached.
Or you can contact me here if you're ready to book a session and fill out the form and 
I will be in touch soon. 

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