How do I decide what to wear for my session? 
I am here to help you! You can text me pictures of outfits you are considering and I can give you feedback. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful and confident in your chosen clothing and that what you choose represents who you are and that will through in your photos! 

What happens if it is inclement weather? 
I am happy to reschedule for another day if weather becomes a problem. We will be in touch the morning of our session and we can make a final decision. Keep in mind it could be the next day or not for a few weeks.

How long will the session last? 
Typically 90 minutes, but will also depend on the package you have chosen.

Can I bring a prop? 
Absolutely. I want these images to reflect the person that you are. Are you in the band, or a musician, by all means, bring your instrument and uniform. If you are a soccer player thru and thru, bring your cleats or ball. If your dog is your most loyal companion, bring him/her along. And feel free to think outside the box, we all see senior images to reflect sports, music and dance. What if you you are a bookworm and love nothing more than to jump inside a book, well let’s create some images with your favorite books. Music lover and have a stash of vinyl, bring it. Proud of your brand new truck,  let’s incorporate it. Write in a journal every single day without fail, let's capture your journal love in your senior portraits.

Are digital files available? 
Depends on collection/package you chose. I do also offer them in my a la carte items.  
Do you offer hair and makeup? 
No I don't offer them at this time, but I do HIGHLY recommend on getting professional hair and makeup done. Most girls these days like to do their own or have friends that can do it for them. However if you would like I can schedule you with a HMUA at your cost. 

Who should accompany me to my session? 
If you are under the age of 18, you MUST be accompanied by at least one parent. You can bring one friend if you like, friends are great to make you laugh. If your friend would like a session as well contact me for more information. You would each receive your own gallery with your individual shots as well as some combined shots. Not only do you receive awesome senior portraits, you will create unforgettable memories with your BFF. 

When can I expect to see my photos following our portrait session? 
I will have a sneak peek up within 2-4 days for you to share on social media. I will have your gallery ready within 2-4 weeks and then we will schedule your session premiere at this time you will choose your final images to purchase.  

Can I share my images on social media? 
Yes, I will send you a high-resolution web-sized file of the first few images that are my favorite to share. Please tag me on Instagram and facebook when you do so. Please DO NOT alter the images in any way including cropping, filtering, removing my watermark, etc. 

Can I send you a pinterest board of my senior photo ideas? 
Yes, absolutely. It is great to use pinterest for inspiration for your senior session.  You can be inspired by clothing, outfits, color, locations and more. I will do my best to replicate them, but not copy them as I want to provide you with my style that brought you to me to begin with.

Do you have a minimum order? 
Yes. You must invest at least $500+tax including your session fee.

How much do I expect to invest? 
Clients typically invest around $1000-$1500 in their senior portrait experience. 
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